Adams & Harlow

Noted for Extraordinary Pork Pies

The Curious Tale of
Adams & Harlow

Mr Harlow and I had a debate over who made the superior pork pies. When we heard Mr. Pastry was coming to town we had to ask him to settle it and see what he thought. Of course he preferred mine, and that's why
my name comes first in the company.

I'm very proud of my butchers, so when I heard that Mr Adams thought he was the best in the area I immediately gathered everyone together for a store portrait. Mr Adams was so impressed with how professional we were he joined my company.

Here's What Really Happened

George Adams and Dick Harlow were the founding fathers of rival pork pie businesses in Lincolnshire. A hundred years later they are now united under the new brand, Adams & Harlow, led by their mutual granddaughters Mary and Lizzi.

To this day all the pies are still handmade on the original premises in Spalding, Lincolnshire and use the finest ingredients including 100% British meat.

Pork pies such as the Red Devil pork pie, pork and chilli; the game keeper pie, game topped with morello cherries, poachers pie, pork layers, poachers cheese topped with borretonne onions and of course the unique hand raised pork pie pork pie makes all the difference between an ordinary one and an extraordinary one!

So, pork pie lovers everywhere raise your hats to Mr Adams and Mr Harlow - the makers of extraordinary pork pies and so much more..


Mary & Lizzi