Adams & Harlow

Noted for Extraordinary Pork Pies

Original Pork Pie

Our Hand Raised
Pork Pie

Made with the finest British pork and crisp hand-raised pastry. The most extraordinary of all our pork pies.

Pork Pie

Pork Pie

Well seasoned finest British pork in a crisp pastry shell.

Pork and Stilton Pie

Pork &

A marriage of two counties, finest British Lincolnshire pork and Nottinghamshire's Cropwell Bishop Stilton in a crisp pastry shell cushioned with seasoned jelly.

Pork and Mustard Pie

Pork &

A perfect pairing, finest British pork seasoned with wholegrain mustard for a little kick.

Ploughmans Pie


A platter in a pie, seasoned pork, Red Leicester cheese and a helping of classic pickle in a crisp pastry shell, no need for the plate!

Poachers Pie


Seasoned pork with a layer of Lincolnshire Poacher cheese through the middle, topped with sweet roasted baby onions.

Red Devil Pie

Red Devil

A devilishly good pie, pork and a hint of sweet chilli.

Scrumpy Pie


Tried and tested combination, seasoned pork and sweet apple.

Huntsman Pie


A jellyless pie, layered seasoned pork meat and tender chicken breast topped with a classic sage and onion stuffing.



Finest British pork and English sage, best known as a Lincolnshire sausage but equally as good in a pie.

Oak Smoked Tomato Pie

Oak Smoked Tomato

Classic pork topped with intense oak roasted tomatoes from the Isle of Wight.

Game Pie


Chunky seasonal game encased rich savoury jelly and crisp pastry.

Game Keeper Pie

Game Keeper

Flavoursome venison, pheasant, partridge and rabbit cooked in a sweet redcurrant sauce and then crowned with Morello cherries soaked in cognac.

Chicken and Ham Pie

Chicken & Ham

Tender chicken breast and ham together with a light blend of mixed herbs.